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Every birth experience is unique, and you will have needs that are personal and based on your decisions for you and your baby. To provide you with the best support and care you will be paired with a certified doula who will provide you support immediately. We guarantee our presence and support from the moment we start working together!

Our trained and certified doulas offer guidance on:

  • What is normal

  • When to reach out to your care provider or go to the hospital

  • Ways to be more comfortable during your pregnancy

  • A listening ear or shoulder to cry on (pregnancy can be hard!)

  • Information or access to resources as you make plans and decisions

  • Birth Planning

  • Coping with labor support during your birth

  • Unbiased and non-judgmental support

  • What to expect in the first days and weeks with a newborn

Labor & Birth

Do you want a natural birth; an epidural; a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC); epidural, lotus birth, unassisted birth or a home birth? As Labor Doulas, we can help you unravel the web of options.


Birth Planning


Our doulas get you started on planning your own journey of a lifetime. 

Our certified doulas will meet with you virtually to discuss your needs and help you to develop a Birth Plan with Plan A,B. And C, just in case! You will receive a comprehensive birth plan including a guide for your place of birth, a guide for discussing your choices with your medical team, and a printable birth plan.

  • Getting more sleep

  • Better feeding outcomes (including bottle-feeding, breastfeeding, and pumping)

  • Greater confidence with your baby and parenting

  • Time for self-care

  • Caring for baby

  • Feedings

  • Laundry

  • Companionship (parental leave can be lonely!)

  • Education and Resources

  • Light meal preparation

  • Light housework

  • Expert advice and suggestions


Virtual Birth Doulas pride ourselves in servicing such a beautifully diverse world! We are certified, educated, fully trained and experienced to provide your family with the care you need to have the birth and postnatal experience you desire. Virtual Birth Doulas are committed to providing professional, warm and caring support to families from your start, right through birth and the postnatal period.

Doula Benefits 

Your doula provides you with invaluable referrals and insights on health and wellness practitioners for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Doulas have a network of professionals with whom they regularly work and will help you navigate what care you need. Your doula will prepare you for what to expect and new policies under Covid.

  • Emotional Support to help keep you calm and relaxed

  • Informational support. A dedicated doula to answer all your questions

  • Help preparing your partner to be the best support person possible

  • An on-call doula to provide you with virtual or in person labour support during labour

  • Postpartum calls to answer all your breastfeeding, mother recovery and baby questions you might have.

Virtual Birth Doula


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Legaci Allong
Jacquelyn Clemmons, Doula
Jacquelyn is a certified DONA International Birth Doula. Certified in Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine. & Certified breastfeeding consultant and is birth well trained.
Clarke Lunara
Clarke' has successfully completed her DONA International Birth Doula training and is a certified Doula.
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Our customer service team is available 24/7 for your support. Here to answer or troubleshooting or service related questions.
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