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Attending Births


Wherever you are in the world, accessing our virtual doula services can get you the education and support you need. Virtual Birth Center virtually attends births in video chat. Providing extensive support as if we were in person. 


 Straight Forward Pregnancies  


 Natural Pregnancy after Epidural

 Recurrent Pregnancy Loss or Miscarriage 

 Less Cervical Checks 

 Placenta Previa and Bleeding  

 Undisturbed Birth 


 Post-partum Support

 Lotus Birth

 Natural Vaginal Birth 

Classes & Workshops
Topics Include:
  • The stages of labour. How do I know I’m in labour?

  • Understanding “labour room” terminology. What’s happening to my body in labour?

  • Medical options for pain management. What are my pain medication options at the hospital?

  • Postpartum recovery. How long will it take for my body to heal after I have a baby?

  • Newborns – the first few weeks of life

  • Diapering options and how to care for your newborn’s delicate skin

  • Bathing

  • Safe sleep and SIDS

  • Bowel and bladder function

  • Breathing

  • Newborn senses

  • Eating how to know your baby is getting enough

  • Normal infant sleep patterns

  • Myths of infant sleep vs reality

  • Ensuring safe sleep

  • Parenting to sleep tools

  • Tricky times and sweet spots of infant sleep

  • Healthy family balance

  • ›Benefits of breastfeeding

  • ›Barriers to breastfeeding

  • Breast anatomy

  • Attachment

  • Feeding positions

  • Signs of effective breastfeeding

  • Common breastfeeding challenges

  • Recommendations

  • Other options if breastfeeding is not possible

  • Storage of breastmilk

  • Resources



Your doula provides you with invaluable referrals and insights on health and wellness practitioners for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Doulas have a network of professionals with whom they regularly work and will help you navigate what care you need. Your doula will prepare you for what to expect and new policies under Covid.

At Virtual Birth Center we want to ensure you and your family are safe while receiving support. During these uncertain times we want to provide our clients with “flexible care” to ensure that you are still supported during COVID-19. If you choose our Virtual Support, This option provides you with:​

  • Emotional Support to help keep you calm and relaxed

  • Informational support. A dedicated doula to answer all your questions

  • Help preparing your partner to be the best support person possible

  • An on-call doula to provide you with virtual or in person labour support during labour

  • Postpartum calls to answer all your breastfeeding, mother recovery and baby questions you might have.


Prenatal Support

Birth Planning

Birth & Labor Support

On-Call Support 

Full virtual birth support 

Post-partum Support

Breastfeeding Support

Video Chat and Text Support

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